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Natural CBG Hemp-Based Sinus Rinse Packets.
SinusReLeaf is a revolutionary natural, herbal, hemp-based sinus solution made from pharmaceutical grade ingredients for use as a Natural Sinus Rinse (you can use it with any over-the-counter sinus rinse bottle or mechanical irrigation machine), to not only maintain appropriate nasal hygiene, but also to reduce and alleviate inflammation associated with allergies, the common cold or flu, as well as bacterial or fungal infections of the sinuses and nose.
A unique and innovative composition comprising of Cannabigerol, Xylitol, and Mullein leaf can also reduce the transmission of microorganisms that may lead to sinus infections (by reducing microbial count embedded within the mucous membranes of the nose/sinuses and reducing the adherence of microbial organisms to the nasal mucous membranes), in addition to the reduction of inflammation and improvement of the mucociliary flow of contaminants out of the nasal and sinus cavities. Since there are no antibiotics added, there is no risk of antibiotic resistance while maintaining the benefit of anti-microbial activity.
The improvement in inflammation of sinonasal mucous membranes is comparable to what is seen with medicated steroid nasal sprays (such as Flonase) and medicated sinus rinses, achieving effective reduction in mucosal inflammation all without the side effects of drugs added (common medications added that are currently available include various antibiotics and steroids). This innovative solution has been physician-formulated with the initial goal of helping the physician's patients improve the quality of their life through improvement of their sinus and respiratory health as a natural herbal alternative to treating sinus conditions in lieu of traditional prescription antibiotics and steroids. With the availability of this NOVEL SINUS FORMULATION, the opportunity to improve and alleviate troublesome breathing and nasal/sinus symptoms can be extended to the remainder of patients who suffer from sinus problems! Access to NATURAL SINUS RELIEF is now available at the click of a button!"


Enter RELEAF10 for $10 OFF of First-Time Purchase!

    Cannabigerol (CBG): This premier, natural, and distinctive ingredient in our SinusReLeaf rinse packets alleviates the inflammation associated with sinus infections, allergies, and environmental irritants in a novel fashion without the side effects of traditional additive medications. This precludes side effects associated with corticosteroids used in many over-the-counter nasal sprays. In addition, it possesses natural anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties, and is safer than medicated sinus solutions with antibiotics added as it has not been shown to lead to antibiotic resistance. The Cannabigerol used in our formulation has been expertly refined and carefully extracted from the Hemp plant and contains NO THC upon certified laboratory analysis.
    In addition, it possesses natural anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties, and is safer than medicated sinus solutions with added antibiotics as it has not been shown to lead to antibiotic resistance. Cannabigerol (CBG) has been shown to provide superior anti-inflammatory benefits more so than its derivative Cannabidiol (CBD) in recent scientific studies, and has been utilized in other medical specialties to address inflammatory conditions.
    Sodium Chloride | Salt: We use premium quality salt in our SinusReLeaf rinse packets. The salt is unprocessed and natural with no chemicals or additives. This ensures the ability to make a gentle and soothing irrigation solution that does not burn for sensitive nasal mucous membranes.
    Xylitol: This helps to keep sensitive nasal and sinus mucous membranes hydrated and moisturized in addition to diminishing the adherence and penetration of inflamed mucous membranes by microbial organisms such as bacterial and fungal organisms, dramatically improving the overall cleansing action of nasal irrigation.
    Sodium Bicarbonate: This helps to buffer the action of the salt. Studies have shown that adding sodium bicarbonate, along with salt, improves the overall effect of the nasal irrigation solution while limiting the minor discomforts that can be experienced when using saline alone.
    Mullein Leaf: Improves mucociliary clearance to evacuate any irritants, environmental pollutants, or microorganisms from the nasal and sinus cavities.

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